When we found out we were adding a baby to the family I was super excited about decorating a nursery again!  Since we “thought” we were done with that part of our story 12 years prior, we had purged of all the baby gear years ago.  Starting mfrom scratch again meant ALL NEW BABY GEAR!  Right away the creative juices started to flow (or more realistically the Pinterest scrolling began lol)

Off course at this point we didn’t know whether we would be welcoming a baby boy or baby girl so I was pinning both options and forming a list of my favourite nursery inspiration photos.  Click here to check out my bebe board on Pinterest.  Here are some of the photos that gave me the most inspiration.

I knew I wanted lots of white, grey, cream, and then depending on whether we had a girl or boy I would choose some accent colours.

Once we found out we were having aLITTLE GIRL The serious planning for our grey and white nursery was in full swing.

Here is a list of main pieces we purchased for the space and why we choose these particular items:

– The Crib –

This was our first nursery purchase.  I didn’t want to “break the budget” on too many of our baby purchases because it didn’t make sense for just one baby.  Although, knowing that one day we would have grand babies come visit and knowing that I wanted the  gear and space for future visits and sleepovers, I was able to rationalize purchasing new rather than used.  I checked out a few places online and ultimately decided on this crib from Babies R Us.  I wanted something basic, and convertible so we could get lots of use and functionality.  I originally wanted the crib in white but they were sold out when I went to buy it so I decided to go for grey and I’m actually super happy I did!:-) .

Mila's grey and white nursery

 -The Dresser / Change station-

I’ve always loved the Ikea “Hemmes” line and had noticed this dresser in a lot of my inspiration photos so I was pretty certain that this was the route I wanted to go.  I wanted to get a dresser that could also double as a changing station so we didn’t have to buy a change table as well.   I can’t say enough about this dresser! Now that we have one I feel like everyone in the family should have the same dresser.  The top surface is perfect for doubling as a change table with plenty of room for a change pad and lots of room for additional decor items.  There is so much storage with 4 drawers on the top row and then an additional 4 larger drawers.  I am able to keep all the diaper changing essentials in 2 of the top drawers and then everyday sleepers and undershirts in the other 2 top drawers.  The other 4 drawers leave more than enough room for additional clothing, blankets, and baby essentials.  We went with the bright white finish but its also available in ivory and black.  I highly recommend this dresser for price point, functionality and style.  I would buy this dresser again in a heartbeat!


Mila's grey and white nursery

-The Glider / Rocker-

This was actually one of the last items I purchased for the nursery and Mila was already born once I finally talked myself into this investment.  We really struggled on this decision.  We weren’t sure if we should invest in a higher quality rocker or go with something inexpensive or even a fun DIY project to refurbish an antique rocker.  We kept our eyes open for different options but buying a rocking chair  wasn’t at the time on our priority list.  Once Mila came along,  I was spending late nights feeding and sitting up in bed and  I realized that it would be really beneficial to have a rocker of some sort.  In talking with one of my friends, she gave me a perspective I hadn’t thought of.  She mentioned that some of the sweetest memories she had with her babies was sitting in the rocking chair feeding, singing, and reading books.  This was like a light bulb going off and all I needed to realize that it WAS worth the investment.  It would not only be so useful during the baby stages but also through childhood and could be passed along for grandbabies one day. That was all I needed.  I stopped procrastinating and splurged on this beautiful grey  Rocker/Glider by Monte Design that I had been watching at our local baby/kids store – Kradles –  This glider is so comfortable to sit in and easily glides, rocks,  and swivels. It’s definitely a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time and can easily transition into a living room furniture piece later on.

Mila's grey and white nursery

Mila's grey and white nursery

– Additional Decor Pieces-

One of my favourite ways to decorate a space is with photographs.  I’ve always loved the look of a gallery wall but also my nit picky side needs them to be perfectly straight and we all know its super tricky to get a gallery wall “just right” . So, my gallery cheat is to use picture ledges from Ikea.  I have one in my living room and another in our dining room and now one in the nursery.  We printed some of our newborn photos from our newborn session with our friend and photographer, Bernine Marie,  and bought Ikea frames and voila!  a gallery wall:) . I also purchased some hooks from Ikea for head bands and to display special clothing items.  On another wall we bought deeper picture ledges to be used for a reading nook/book stand.  Above the rocking chair area I had purchased some starburst mirrors from Winners, along with an “M” for her name and then framed a print. My good friend owns Stitching Melodies, a local children’s sewing company, and whipped up an adorable bunting banner for over Mila’s crib. The crib sheet was purchased from Little Unicorn along with some beautiful swaddle blankets that complimented the pattern.   Finally, an ottoman (from the garden centre at Home Depot) and a sheepskin from Costco finish the space!  Here is a photo gallery of all the “finishing decor touches”

Before I finish, I should add that the wall colour is Benjamin Moore – Classic Grey –


I have to give a shout out to a local company called Ferry Godmother delivery service.  Living on Vancouver Island, its a bit of a trekk to get to the nearest Ikea store and Ikea shipping isn’t always the most convenient.  Audrey at Ferry Godmother is FANTASTIC!  She travels over to Vancouver a few times a month and does pick-ups  from a variety of stores including Ikea.  I’ve used her services multiple times now and I can’t say enough about the convenience, professionalism and ease of the transaction.  If you are needing that random Ikea item or even a larger furniture piece, I highly recommend trying this avenue!

This was one of my favourite home decor projects to date!  I feel really pleased with the end result and the space that we pulled together for our Mila girl.  Its fun and rewarding watching a vision come to life!

Mila's grey and white nursery

XO Karin

Photography by Bernine Marie Photography

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