Well, hello there!  Welcome to my very first blog post:)  So, I’ve designed the website, bought a domain name, picked a colour scheme and now what? I guess I’ll start by telling you a few reasons why I decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon. Once you’ve read my “Why”, you’ll know me a bit better and we can carry on from there….one blog post at a time:)


  Why I decided to start a Blog:

-I’ve grown to really enjoy reading blogs, specifically lifestyle blogs with a variety of subjects, tips, stories and experiences. I love the individual creativity that I see shining through. I enjoy being creative  and I’m learning that this is a great outlet for me.

-I feel like I’ve experienced ALOT in my 37 years and I’d love to have a place to share “Our Story” inspire someone when I can, bring encouragement, and maybe share a few fun tips along the way.

-Both my hubby and I have a PASSION for entertaining, opening our home up to guests, and feeding them! I also love planning events, parties, and special gatherings. I feel like a blog is social, almost like opening up my home on a whole other level. I’d love my blog to be a place where someone lands, feels welcome, and leaves feeling uplifted and encouraged.

-I’ve always loved decorating. It started when I was a young girl and I’d change my entire room around just for fun. Something about a room change always felt fresh, new, and made me love and appreciate my space again. Now, as an adult, I love doing this with my home. In addition, I’m quite sentimental and anyone who knows me has heard or seen photos of my “Christmas table” tradition.  ( Make sure to watch for a blog post on this!)   This love of decorating also ties into my career as a Realtor and the importance of staging a home. I plan to share my love of decorating with you and perhaps once in awhile some home staging ideas!

-Our love for entertaining has brought out some great secret recipes from our kitchen. We love to experiment with food and create our own house specials! We also have some special family recipes that we make in different seasons. I’d love to share these with you! Maybe, we will let my hubby takeover the blog sometime as well. He’s truly the chef in our home…he cooks, I clean LOL:)

-What would a lifestyle blog be without some fashion and style fav’s right? Trust me! I’m not suggesting that I’m by any means an expert here. I do enjoy shopping though, and have always tried to keep up on the latest fashion, and this includes hair and makeup. This has definitely evolved over the years….eeek! when I look back at some of my hair styles over the years I seriously cringe….(I’m so thankful that hair grows back) I’d love to do some fun blogging around fashion and style!

-Last but not least, I thought a blog could be a journal or keepsake for our family. Something they can look back on for years to come. I used to scrapbook (before the digital world) and back then it was a fun, creative outlet for me. Blogging feels very much the same.

So there you have it!  I hope if nothing else, you can laugh with me and enjoy some of my musings and latest thoughts or opinions LOL.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest (or all 3;))  so you don’t miss a post:-)

XO Karin


photography by Bernine Marie Photography